05 Oct 2020


With the growth of the global food supply chain and the highly competitive food industry, deliberate attacks have become more prevalent, and when they occur, it gathers significant media and public interest. The common factor behind all such deliberate acts is people. These people may be within a food business, may be employees of a supplier to the food business, or may be complete outsiders with no connection to the food business.

Hence, food defence is important in food industries because it acts as the protection of food products from contamination or adulteration intended to cause public health harm or economic disruption. This course also outlines the application of food defence methodologies to assess and manage any possible threats for the development of a food defence plan. Threat Assessment Critical Control Points (TACCP) is a risk management methodology, which aligns with HACCP, but has a different focus, that may need contribution and input from employees from different disciplines, such as human resources, procurement, security and information technology. Participants may develop an understanding and confidence to implement a food defence program in the organization.

The training includes assessment as evaluation of course effectiveness.

  • Food Managers/ Executives/ Supervisors
  • Consultant
  • Auditors
  • Academician
  • Food Manufacturer/ Food Industry
  • Food Service Providers
  • Introduction to food defence
  • Food defence plan such as HACCP, Vulnerability (VACCP) and Threat (TACCP) Assessment
  • Human factor in food fraud and food defence
  • Mitigation strategy and measures
  • Development and implementation of a food defence plan
  • Understand the process for food fraud prevention and the principles of the vulnerability assessment
  • Understand the importance of food defence to organization from deliberate attack.
  • Gain an overview into the development and implementation of food defence plans and mitigation strategies.

📌Online training can be arranged with a minimum of 10 participants per session.📌

📌In-house training can also be arranged at your esteemed organization with a minimum of 10 participants per session.📌

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